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Welcome to my journey.

I am Annerie Maré, a small town girl from Kamanjab in the Kunene region of Namibia.

This is me, an ordianary girl that strives to leave behind an extraordianary legacy.

My hope is that through sharing my heart I will encourage, inspire and speak life into anyone that visits.  My desire is that through my journeys and projects you will find your own inspiration as well.

My ambition has always been to inspire and influence hope and joy into people's lifes.

Namibian Background

A lot of my up bringing makes me who I am today, I was Born in the small town of Outjo Namibia. Traveling was in essence who I was since a very young age. 
Growing up, I was home schooled and traveled throughout Namibia to various communities, as my family was drilling for water we lived in a caravan most of my childhood and then moved to a family farm when I was a teenager. Graduating in ACE  home school. 

International Travels

My heart and life speaks of always wanting to be an influence to matters of the heart, to change circumstances by being an inspiration and beacon of hope to my generation.
On high school graduation I went to the US to be part of an organization called Eagles Wings that is helping young girls through obstacles in life using the method of Equine Therapy. 
Never dull moments as I started to travel with an international organization to be an inspiration to young people and talk about real matters of life. Together with Heal The Land Ministries I went to visit different places in Asia and America as well as around Africa. 

Becoming an Entrepreneur

A life long dream to have my own perfume range. I have always known that being an euntrepeur is something that I want to embark on. Turning one's passion into an income is what inspired me to start my own perfume range. Fragrances changes atmospheres and my aspirations is that the fragrance that I will leave behind will be remembered for one of inspirational truths and the joy that comes with freedom to be one's self in an ever changing world. 

Becoming Miss World Namibia 2021

Miss Namibia 1st Runner Up 2021 and the Representative for Namibia at Miss World has truly been an adventure of growth and has set another course to my life. 
It has been a lifelong dream to be on a platform of influence for my Nation. I am blessed to say that this journey has granted me the ambition and inspiration to speak into people's lives regardless of their challenges or upbringing. 

My Ambitions

I strongly believe that one's dreams are a road map to one's purpose and that is what will truly make you become alive. To have an impact in people's lives is ultimately what real purpose is all about. Going for Miss World Namibia I have seen the need of Namibians importing mostly all goods and have seen the potential of a country to become self sustainable and entrepreneurial, this is why I have made it a mission to ensure that my beauty with a purpose project going to Miss World  continue in bringing changes to the needs in my country.