Making the desert green Project

The Our water, my development Desert Sustainability Project focuses on different aspects of sustainability.

This project is not only equipping young people to be entrepreneurial but educating them as well as their emotional well being.

Teaching children the importance of agriculture and to become self-sustainable is an ambition of mine.
Working on projects of food security to lower the rate of malnutrition and poverty in my Nation. I have always believed to train a child in the way they should go and when they are old, they will not depart from it.

Our Water, My development Go Get Funding 

Young Entrepreneurs

Encouraging and equipping the next generation to think on their feet and purposefully live and plan their lives will help them pursue their dreams and ambitions without feeling defeated by the challenges they come across.

I do believe that the future of our tomorrow's lies in the hands of today's entrepreneurs. 


"The way to success is not only working hard and putting in the effort but it is also by the emotional support received"

In pursuing my degree in counseling and my position as an International Youth Leader, I have had the opportunity to minister to a lot of different people, encouraging and equipping them to follow through on their life long ambitions and aspirations by offering an ear to hear and a hand to hold.